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Our environmental approach

An environmental approach respectful of the environment is an essential part of our vision. Sandra’s arrival at the Michel’s vineyard came with this touch of novelty, capital in today’s world. 

The respect of the environment and biodiversity and the sustainable management of our vines have become our key words.

This commitment is today concretely in use in our everyday work but also recognized by various official labels highlighting our convictions. Michel’s vineyard indeed obtained the French High Environmental Value label (HVE – Haute Valeur Environementale) of 3rd level. This level of certification is accentuating the particularly environmental respectful practices by French farmers.  It shows our commitment through 4 key themes: the biodiversity preservation, the phytosanitary strategy, the fertilization and water resource management.

And as this is isn’t enough from our point of view, we also wish to go far further. That’s why we aim to get the French official organic farming certification (Agriculture Biologique – AB) which is even more rigorous in its’ criteria in term of respect for the environment.

Michel’s vineyard is currently in the first year of its organic culture conversion. 

Our vines and wines will be officially Organic by 2024.


Our respect for the environment goes through the limitation of non-natural fertilizer as much as possible. That’s why, each year we will spread manure produced by our own horses in the most fragile parcels.


Our respect for the environment includes the complete cessation of the use of synthetic pesticides. Our treatments, without risk for health, are based on herbal teas (like sage, oregano, horsetail, nettles...)

So everything is possible!

En Construction

Our respect for the environment goes through the complete stop of herbicide use. To reach this goal, we equipped ourselves with a soil preparation tool that allows a mechanical ploughing and weeding of our vine stocks.

Our wines

Wine for each occasion

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